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Auston Grove Apartments May 2012 Newsletter

Because We Care

We hope that you love living at Auston Grove! We would really like some feedback from you on your happiness and suggestions for improvements at Auston Grove.

We have created a survey to let us know what you think about your community. We want to know what you like, what you don’t like, things we could do better, or ideas of services that you would like us to offer or improve on. Please take a few moments to complete, click here. Your feedback is very, very important to us.

Guest Suite

If you have friends or family coming into town and would like for them to stay close to you-we have the answer! We have a one bedroom/sunroom apartment home that guests of Auston Grove residents can rent for only $55 a night! The apartment comes furnished complete with everything you would find in a hotel room and even more... No need to bring sheets and towels-we even have the kitchen set up. Please call us if you would like to book a reservation!

Friendly Reminders

  • Please keep your neighbors in mind when coming home during the late evening hours. We ask that you do your best to keep your voices low to avoid disturbing your neighbors.
  • We ask that when signing out DVD’s that they are returned within TWO days so everyone has a chance to check them out!
  • If you ever experience unwanted house guests (bugs!) let us know before each Thursday of the week. Our brave Dodson exterminator comes around each Thursday.
  • For all pet owners please remember we have placed dog pots for your pets’ waste all over the property and we sincerely ask that you use them.
  • Smoke Detectors-When the battery power starts getting low it will begin to chirp. We have batteries in the office but would suggest you purchase some 9-volt batteries to have on hand in the event it begins chirping in the middle of the night or on the weekend. That could save you a lot of aggravation.

Power Washing

Our service team started power washing the buildings in April and will continue over the next several weeks to help beautify our community!


The Auston Grove maintenance team is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. for normal maintenance requests. You can call us at 217-9995 to speak with someone in the office, leave a message or submit your request online - click here.

If you have a maintenance emergency, you can call the above telephone number and listen for the prompt to enter the maintenance emergency voicemail. Please leave your name, address and telephone number so that a member of the maintenance team can call you back.


This will notify a member of our maintenance team at whatever time you leave the message. Please make sure to leave all standard service request messages on the normal voicemail.

The Pool is Now OPEN!

Please come out and enjoy the sunshine, use the grills, and jump in! There are a few rules to remember while enjoying the pool:

  • Hours are 10 am-10 pm.
  • Glass of any kind is absolutely prohibited at all times
  • No pets are allowed in the pool enclosure at any time
  • No bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller-blades or any other wheeled items are allowed in the pool area at any time
  • Guests of Auston Grove must be accompanied by the resident at all times
  • Proper attire should be worn at all times
  • An adult must accompany persons under the age of sixteen
  • All swimmers must shower prior to entering the pool
  • Noisy or disturbing behavior such as horseplay, running or screaming should be avoided at all times and could be reason to be asked to leave the pool area

Thank you for observing the rules and regulations of the pool so we can all enjoy a safe and fun summer!

Events in the Triangle

The Carolina Mudcats and Durham Bulls started their season. Pick a game and support the local minor league team, View Calendar

Wicked is at the DPAC throughout the month of May, More info

Summer Concerts at the Time Warner Music Pavillion: View schedule

Other events in the area: , View events

New Releases

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
Tower Heist
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
War Horse

Seasonal Recipes

The Food Network has some great seasonal, healthy, and quick recipes for you to try! View recipes

Renter's Insurance

You’ve moved in, set up phone service and changed your mailing address. What’s left to do? Get renter’s insurance to protect your precious belongings from unexpected perils like theft, flood or fire! Renter’s insurance also covers your valuables kept in garage and storages. Our property owner’s insurance covers the buildings, not personal valuables inside, but for a low monthly premium you can insure yourself against future problems.

Renter’s insurance can cover hotel stays and eating out should it become necessary to do so due to not having access to your apartment. You can often work with the company that insures your vehicle to get a group deal and you will barely notice the increase. Please contact an insurance representative immediately for peace of mind.

Garages and Storages

Do you have too much stuff that you have accumulated over the years, or just want your car to have a home of it’s own? We have your solution... Our community has garages and storage rooms available throughout the property.

They are available on a month to month basis and we will try to find one as close to your home as possible! Just call us or come by the office if you are interested.

Auston Grove Apartments | 1160 Auston Grove Drive, Raleigh, NC 27610 | Call 833-392-5643

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