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Help Plan for Retirement with Online Tools

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You might think that only a financial adviser can help you plan for retirement, but if you use a computer, you can watch over your own savings plan. While you are hanging out on your computer in your apartment in Raleigh, NC, you have access to many valuable online tools that can help you plan for your retirement.

Some of the very same web sites that you use daily can help you set and achieve important savings goals. This guide will show you how a few simple online tools can help you plan for retirement and take control of your financial health.

Start planning now
Retirement planning might be the last thing on your mind, but the time to plan for retirement is now. The age at which you start saving money for retirement can mean a big difference in your lifestyle later.

When thinking about beginning to plan for retirement, think age 25 not age 45. With Americans living longer, healthier lives, the next generations of retirees can expect to spend more time in retirement — and they will need substantially more cash to last throughout those years.

Set your savings goals
You have access to a powerful retirement planning tool: the Internet. Here are a number of helpful online tools:

  • Retirement calculators (calculator from AARP) can help you figure out if you’re on track with your current retirement savings goals.
  • Retirement planning checklists can help you learn your options.
  • Articles and analyses on investing in retirement savings products (like IRAs, mutual funds, stocks, and bonds) help you make smart money decisions.

These types of online tools help you plan for retirement by letting you identify savings goals.

Start saving with online investing tools
It is easy to procrastinate on planning when you won’t need the money for another 20, 30, or 40 years. Online banking can help you get around the biggest hurdle associated with retirement planning: getting started.

Online banking makes it easy to get started by giving you instant access to your money and to financial products.  With some research and a few clicks and some important research, you can get the ball rolling on your retirement saving plan by opening a Roth IRA or investing in mutual funds.

Watch your money grow
Online banking helps you continue to manage your retirement planning choices. Online banking makes it easy to plan for retirement and manage your savings by giving you budgeting tools. When you manage your checking account online, you can use your bank’s online tools to analyze spending habits and see exactly how much money you have left over for savings. You can even opt to start saving automatically by having a certain dollar amount or percentage deducted from each paycheck and routed directly into a retirement savings account.

With these online tools at your disposal, you’ve got a head start on planning for retirement. Every little bit of cash that you can put away counts — you’ve just got to take the first step!

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